Mulberry House International Pre-School boasts a modern, secure campus facility, right in the heart of Bangkok.
Our location is easily accessible from various business, entertainment, and residential districts of downtown Bangkok.
Our tree-shaded campus is a peaceful retreat from the busy city life that surrounds it.

Nursery Building
Our nursery building is comprised of 3 classrooms, a washroom, and a soft play gym. Each nursery classroom is equipped with a variety of high quality resources from England and Thailand to enrich your child's learning.

The House
The 2-story colonial style house is home to the nursery 1 and kindergarten 1 classrooms, the Thai classroom, a library, and a washroom on each floor. These spacious classrooms are designed to facilitate the learning and exploration of our students

New Building
Our newest building contains the school office, Reception classroom, wash rooms, a library, ICT computer room, role-play room and an activity room with full audio visual equipment that is used for ballet, Tae kwon do, musical activities, and educational purposes.

Kindergarten Classrooms
These light airy classrooms are designed to facilitates the teaching needs of kindergarten-aged children.

Soft Gym
Our multipurpose soft gym features foam blocks, mats, tunnels, and slides that provide a safe space for young children to engage in physical activities.

School Canteen
Healthy and balanced lunches and snacks are prepared on site in our hygienic Kitchen. Our cook prepares delicious and nutritious foods, which can be altered according to your child's special dietary needs.


Our garden has been planned to maximize play space. Our sandpit and water play equipment allow for tactile play and development of motor skills.

Swimming Pool
Our pool was built specifically to develop water confidence and swimming skills. At a depth of 60 centimeters, the pool gives children the ability to stand and feel secure.

Washrooms and Toilets
All of our washrooms and toilets are sanitized on a regular basis, which makes bathroom visits as hygienic and pleasant as possible. The toilets are designed with small children in mind, allowing accessibility.
Furthermore, showers are available to clean up after little accidents.

Our private entrance driveway is a safe location to pick up and drop off your children.
Mulberry House is a strictly secured campus with only one entrance. We have a security guard on duty at all times.

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